Flow Wrap Machine

Automatic Flow Wrap Machines are used for packaging of confectionery items. Driven by DC powered 1.5 hp motor, these single phase systems consume only 220 v voltage that makes these truly energy efficient. Aluminum foil or PP based laminated film roll is used as suitable packaging raw materials for these machines. These high performance wrapping systems can pack maximum 120 pouches in every minute, although this data varies as per packet dimension. Center seal type sealing mechanism of these automatic flow wrap machines maintains freshness of packed items. These 700 kg/ 900 kg systems have long life span which reduces their maintenance cost.

Mechanical Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine

This Mechanical Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine is reckoned for its high operating speed. This system has manual or automatic filling arrangement. It uses center sealing technology. This machine is used for packing of chocolate, biscuits etc. It uses PP and laminated aluminum foil as its raw materials. Offered Mechanical Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine is capable of packing 40 to 120 pouches in every minute (depending on the size of packet). Its motor is controlled by DC power. This single phase motor has 1.5 hp capacity and 3 kW power requirements.


  • Filling System: Automatic/ Manual
  • Type of Sealing: Center Seal (Pillow Type)
  • Packing Material: Chocolate, Biscuit Etc.
  • Film Roll Type: Laminated film in roll supported film E.g.. Aluminum Foil Pe, PP
  • Speed: Approx 40 to 120 pouches/ min(Depend upon the Packet size)
  • Power: Motor 1.5 HP DC with DC drive 220V / single Phase, Load -3kw
  • Machine Size: 1080mm x 1700mm x 1800(approx..)
  • Machine Weight: 700kg (Approx) 

Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine

This Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine (High Speed) is well known for its low operating cost and high production capacity. It weighs around 700 kg. This packaging equipment can handle bags having maximum 280 mm length and up to 110 mm width. It uses 250 mm wide packaging film. Driven by single phase 1 hp motor, this machine has 40 RPM to 230 RPM speed range. Offered Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine (High Speed) This PLC controlled equipment has maximum 60 Hz frequency. It consumers around 220 v voltage.


  • Model: HFFS 250
  • Max Film Width: 250mm
  • Bag Length: 65mm - 190mm 120mm - 280mm
  • Bag Width: 30mm-110mm
  • Max Product Height: 40mm 55mm
  • Speed: 40-230 PPM


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